This was a great outcome! It is so nice to be able to have more access to my son and see him as often as possible!
— Former Client
Linda was extremely informative and handled my case professionally and quickly. Thanks so much!
— C. C.
Ms. Hoak was friendly, accessible and knowledgeable. She was always extremely prepared when we went to court and was ready to fight for us and our best interests. I would recommend her to anyone who was in need of her services.
— R. Thompson
The Hoak law firm was a true blessing in my time of need explaining and protecting my interests throughout my court case..... Thanks so very much.
— Dale
I am a military member who was deployed to Afghanistan and stationed in Italy during the majority of the divorce process. Though I was not around, I never had any doubt that Ms. Hoak and her staff were giving me anything less than their best. They were in constant contact with me and helped me through the worst part of my life. With Ms. Hoak’s expertise, I was awarded custody of my three kids. Even though I was constantly told by my family and friends that a father in Texas never gets custody of the children. Ms. Hoak and her staff never stopped even though the odds were against me and I will be eternally grateful to them.
— D. D.
I liked the fact that Ms. Hoak was very up front with me about my case.
— Former Client
I don’t plan on ever doing this again, but if I did, I would retain Hoak law firm again.
— S. C.
Working with this law firm made an unpleasant experience much more comfortable. Divorce is already scary enough but actually going to a lawyer’s office can be pretty intimidating and overwhelming. However, the staff was very warm, knowledgeable and sensitive. The surroundings were comfortable as well as professional. I’m not very familiar with legal terminology but they made sure to explain everything to be sure I understood completely before proceeding any aspect of my case. It was also very comforting to know that Ms. Hoak was also a parent and understood many of my concerns towards my own child.I would recommend her to any of my family or friends.
— S. W.
We went to the Hoak Law Firm on mid 2011 by February 2012 she had us going to court and help to get the best child support payment and visitations in the summer. We like that it was fast and we didn’t have to drive down to Texas.
— Former Client
Ms Hoak is very professional and worked very hard on my case. She is the best.
— Former Client
I hired Linda due to my ex husband contesting the non-agreed modification that was ordered. After an emotional start for me, they still handled the case very well. The modification was to change the support from $186 monthly to $432 monthly which I was content with. Linda did a fabulous job at research and making a case that when all was said and done, I got $956 monthly in child support! I was really impressed!
Thanks Linda!
— Former Client
May God bless you abundantly as you work to bring justice and truth. I thank God for choosing you to represent me in this time of need. You are one of a kind!
— E. S.
My divorce was the most difficult, emotional, and painful thing I have ever experienced. However, as soon as I met and then engaged Ms. Hoak as my attorney, I was able to tackle the challenges put before me. Ms. Hoak was able to put everything into perspective for me from the beginning. I came into almost every appointment with questions and dilemmas and a feeling of fear. I never left without feeling that all questions were answered and every fear was at least much less on my mind. I never felt pressured to do what I was not comfortable with, but I was given every option under the circumstances I was facing. I always felt that my ultimate welfare was Ms. Hoak’s priority. I could have never imagined a more positive experience from such a devastating time. She not only gained me a wonderful settlement but she granted me peace of mind.
— Former Client
I was notified by the Texas Attorney Generals office of a paternity suit filed against me regarding a child that I had no knowledge of. At this point the child was already 16 years old. I contacted a couple of attorneys in the county the child resided in. They both stated that even though another mans name is on the birth certificate and had represented himself as the father that I had no chance of fighting the suit and that I should just come to the conclusion that I would have to pay 16 years back child support and a portion of all medical bills. I did a search for Attorneys in Tyler Texas as a last ditch effort to get a different opinion. I found Linda Hoak’s resume on the internet and gave her a call. Linda explained that what the other attorneys had conveyed was not exactly true. She went on to explain that due to the fact that I had no knowledge of the child until after the age of four that we had a really good chance of fighting the paternity suit. She could make no promises but she was confident that we had a chance at a good outcome. The outcome: The mother was forced to drop the case because another man had represented himself as the father and they could not prove otherwise. Another reason why I like Linda is because she is prior military. I am active duty military and our pay is complicated. Even if we had lost the case Linda assured me that she would remind the Judge that only base pay could be considered. If you were to ask me who I thought would be a good attorney to hire I would tell you .... You don’t have a good attorney if you don’t have Linda Hoak.
— M. M.
I came to this firm after having been extremely disappointed in the prior handling of my case and lack of professionalism and communication from a previous Tyler firm. I was very impressed with Linda’s knowledge base and the guidance she provided, especially after having been so sorely disappointed with my first attorney.
— S. B.
I had a very complicated child support case, needless to say the child was not mine, and the A.G’s office was on my back. I hired a Family Law lawyer in Tyler / Athens area to get this resolved. Reasons unknown this lawyer did not fully resolve this case. So I come to find Linda Hoak on the internet. Linda made no promises but was confident she could take care of this “gigantic mess”. I have fought this case for years before I hired her. She was prompt and professional and after only 3 months, my case had finally been resolved and Linda had saved me almost $100,000 dollars. My only regret is that I wish I would have found her sooner. I would definitely recommend Hoak Law Firm, Linda Hoak, to everyone I know.
— B. H.
... we appreciate you & the work that you do.
— Lone Star Legal Aid