If you want to complete an adoption to your family or solidify a stepparentchild relationship, you will find the legal counsel and support you need at our East Texas family law firm. The adoption of a child may be one of the most fulfilling events of your life, and we will work intelligently and effectively to make the adoption process as trouble-free and timely as possible for your family.

Stepparent Adoptions, Terminations Of Parental Rights And Other Legal Services For Families

Attorney Linda Hoak is a veteran of 10 years of military service in locations around the world, a devoted mother and a dynamic negotiator and trial lawyer. She has helped several families complete stepparent adoptions and drafted fertilization and surrogacy agreements for those pursuing assisted reproduction. Our capabilities cover the spectrum of adoption law in Texas and our clients' needs associated with:

  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Other in-family/relative adoptions, including those made necessary by parents' untimely deaths, incapacity, neglect or other issues
  • Agency and private, independent adoptions
  • Contested adoptions requiring action to secure involuntary termination of the parental rights of a biological mother or father
  • Single-parent adoptions, often the best option for people in committed same-sex relationships
  • Actions to establish guardianship of minors, which are sometimes critical interim steps on the path to completing adoptions

Turn To A Legal Team That Will Prioritize Your Case And Your Goals

Across our family law practice, we emphasize thorough upfront case analysis and highly efficient client service. We know that you may have many questions about Texas adoption laws and required processes, your rights, projected time required for completion and likely costs. Adoption lawyer Linda Hoak will answer them and honestly assess hurdles and risks. If you know or believe your case will be vigorously contested, the drive and experience of your lawyer could make all the difference in the outcome. We encourage you to contact us online or by phone at 903-531-9100. Our work together can begin with an in-depth consultation to discuss your basic objectives and our approach to adoption. Located in Tyler, we welcome inquires from people in all surrounding East Texas communities and military service members stationed around the world.