Other than child custody and visitation, property and finances are the issues most likely to cause substantial conflict in a divorce. Whether you have extremely valuable assets or modest property and debts to divide, your financial state in the aftermath could well depend on your attorney's knowledge and diligence.

Now Is The Time To Protect Your Financial Interests

Many people have heard that Texas is a community property state — and it is common to mistakenly believe that this means a "50-50 split" is always the outcome of divorce. Such assumptions about Texas family law are dangerous. In reality, certain property may be awarded to one spouse alone, many assets held in one person's name only are subject to division, and various actions may be taken to achieve fair and equitable property division in the eyes of the court.

Focused, Comprehensive Representation When Your Future Is On The Line

At our firm, we emphasize rigorous analysis and creative solutions for avoiding litigation or obtaining desired outcomes via trial. Divorce lawyer Linda Hoak has more than 13 years of experience advocating for men and women in divorces at all levels of financial complexity and conflict. You can depend on:

  • Straightforward guidance on how the process of dividing property and debts works and objectives you can realistically strive to achieve
  • Counsel and legal services tailored to your unique circumstances as a military service member or spouse, business owner, working individual or primary caregiver for your children
  • Thorough investigation and discovery if needed to establish, for example, your sole rights to an inheritance or other separate property, the value of a spouse's hidden assets, or other crucial factors in your case

We are adept at structuring divorce settlements that are balanced and acceptable to both parties. In advising you, we will address all major issues that will influence your financial well-being, including child support, spousal support and any need for estate planning that reflects your new circumstances.

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