While romance and plans for marriage create great anticipation, people must plan for the future in practical ways. A properly drafted prenuptial agreement is an excellent means of addressing property division, rights to spousal support and other key issues upfront in case the marriage ends in divorce. If you are already married and concerns about these issues have surfaced, the best solution may be a postnuptial agreement.

Trustworthy Counsel For Drafting Of Sound Marital Contracts

Attorney Linda Hoak and our East Texas legal team stand ready to advise and assist you with premarital concerns and the drafting of a sound, legally enforceable marital agreement. We understand the many valid reasons for entering prenups and postnups, such as:

  • Establishing mutually acceptable ground rules regarding money and property if you and your fiancé or fiancée will enter the marriage under notably different financial circumstances
  • Protecting assets for your children from a prior marriage
  • Documenting specifically what property and financial resources each spouse has accumulated prior to the marriage, potentially preventing disputes over separate, non-marital property down the line

We know the requirements for drafting a valid prenup or post-nup in Texas — and the grounds on which these contracts have been ruled unenforceable. Your agreement must be entered into consciously and willingly by both spouses, witness requirements apply, and the agreement cannot be unfair or unreasonable in the eyes of the court.

Prepared For Any Legal Challenge Our Clients Must Confront

In addition to drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, accomplished negotiator and trial lawyer Linda Hoak has the analytical skills and legal knowledge to successfully challenge or defend them when circumstances demand these actions. If you have questions about prenuptial agreements or are preparing for divorce with such an agreement in place, we encourage you to contact our family law firm in Tyler, Texas. We will provide an in-depth consultation to discuss your important objectives and concerns. To schedule that consultation at a time that works for you, email us now or call 903-531-9100.