Life goes on after divorce or the issuance of custody, visitation and child support orders in a paternity case. Some people suffer unavoidable setbacks that make it impossible to pay court-ordered support — and others willfully default on these obligations. In some cases, parents with residential custody disregard or obstruct visitation (possession) orders.

At our firm in Tyler, Texas, we provide clear, legally sound guidance when men and women have serious problems related to noncompliance with court orders. The processes for obtaining modifications of child support, custody and visitation orders are familiar ground for us. Highly experienced family law attorney Linda Hoak will hear you out, explain options and help you evaluate probable costs and any risks of taking action.

Is Your Ex-Spouse Withholding Child Support? Are You Being Denied Time With Your Children?

Linda Hoak's work as a lawyer covers the full spectrum of modifications and enforcement of court orders for child support, custody and visitation.

 She emphasizes:

  • Direct communication to ensure that our clients understand courtordered obligations and consequences of noncompliance
  • Creation of detailed parenting plans while a divorce or custody matter is in process, often addressing the noncustodial parent's rights to telephone, email and video communication with children as well as in-person parenting time
  • Practical recognition of the fact that parents' and children's schedules and needs are bound to change over time — backed by decisive action to modify orders rather than relying on any informal agreement between the parties
  • Sensitivity to complex factors in disputes over visitation, including either parent's concern about children's safety when with the other and acts of suspected parental alienation

Do Not Wait To Learn Consequences And Evaluate Solutions

If your child support obligation or another court order has become unworkable, it is essential to get qualified legal advice promptly. Penalties for not paying support or complying with other orders could ultimately include serious fines, jail time, probation and more — even if you thought the person you owe had accepted a new arrangement. It is equally important to defend your rights to regular time and contact with your children. If negotiation cannot accomplish your goals, you will have a formidable trial lawyer on your side. To request an initial consultation, call 903-531-9100 or email our firm. We offer a 10 percent discount to active U.S. armed forces personnel and veterans.