Individuals serving in the U.S. military make sacrifices that are unique to their duties every day. Their spouses and children also face many challenges related to this honorable commitment, and sometimes divorce is necessary. One sacrifice no one should make is to give up his or her rights when family relationships and financial matters hang in the balance.

Work With A Veteran Who Knows Texas Family Law In Depth

Attorney Linda Hoak served with distinction in the U.S. Army for 10 years prior to graduating from The Notre Dame Law School and launching her practice in 2001. Her experiences as a service member deployed around the world, devoted mother and divorced parent reinforce her commitment to providing skilled, attentive representation to soldiers, retired military members and families with legal concerns in East Texas

Overcoming Distance And Communication Challenges To Defend Our Clients' Interests

When active-duty military personnel must confront family law problems, geographic distance can be a significant obstacle. Our family law firm is set up to overcome these issues. Wherever you are in the world, we can communicate with you via Skype, a secure client portal and other technological assets. With Ms. Hoak as your lawyer, you can depend on guidance informed by her firsthand understanding of military life, family law in Texas and the complexities of military divorce. Our established strengths as a legal team include:

  • Asserting active-duty service members' rights to have a divorce, paternity suit or other civil action "stayed" (postponed) until they can deal with these matters effectively
  • Providing advice and representation on all matters pertaining to military pay and benefits, including orders for child support, spousal maintenance and the division of pension benefits
  • Addressing child custody and other critical issues in full view of clients' military obligations and long-term personal goals
  • Dealing effectively with post-divorce needs such as modifying child visitation (possession) orders and maintaining health insurance coverage and commissary privileges for children

In one case, our efforts led to a service member deployed overseas completing a divorce and obtaining custody rights to his three children. In many others, we at Linda R. Hoak | Attorney at Law, in Tyler have helped military personnel and their wives and husbands navigate complex family law challenges with positive results. To request an in-depth, initial consultation in person, by telephone or online, call 903-531-9100 or send an email inquiry now.