Representation of men who want to maximize their roles in their children's lives is a clear, long-standing strength for us at our firm. Our work across all family law challenges is informed by recognition that children should benefit from the love, guidance and support of both their father and mother whenever possible. We also know that many fathers are fully capable of being primary care providers.

Do You Need Honest, Straightforward Counsel On Seeking Custody?

Although there is no formal preference given to mothers over fathers in the Texas Family Code, men often face an uphill battle in contested custody matters. You can count on attorney Linda Hoak to offer practical advice based on extensive experience in East Texas courts. If your goals for child custody and/or visitation are unrealistic given your circumstances, she will explain why so that you can make educated decisions about what to fight for and how to proceed.

Creative Solutions For Co -Parenting · Modifications And Enforcement Actions · Full-Service Paternity Representation

Our Tyler, Texas-based family law practice is balanced and focused on pursuing outcomes that do justice to both mothers' and fathers' rights. Men, including many active and former military service members, turn to us for advocacy when targeting:

  • Joint conservatorship and either primary residential custody rights or near-equal time with children
  • Visitation orders that effectively accommodate demanding work and travel schedules, military service obligations and other challenges
  • Enforcement of court orders for possession (visitation) when mothers attempt to deny court-ordered parenting time — as well as modifications of orders when necessary to reflect major changes in circumstances
  • Definitive answers as to the biological parentage of a child named in a paternity suit and, often, rights to visitation and involvement in that child's life

The days when nearly every Texas divorce led to the mother having custody and the father being limited to a standard possession order (SPO) are gone. Relying on guidance from friends or family, rather than a knowledgeable lawyer, is a choice many fathers later regret. Whether you serve in the military, have a demanding job or currently spend a lot of time caring for your kids, we are here to help you secure the rights you deserve as a father. To request an in-depth consultation, send an email now or call 903-531-9100. We are equipped to communicate with you effectively online wherever you are in the world.