Divorce changes nearly all aspects of a person's life. If your marriage has broken down and it is time to seriously consider divorce, everything about that process can be intimidating. At our firm in Tyler, we focus on helping men and women make decisions based on solid legal information, navigate each step with confidence and move forward.

Our knowledgeable, efficient family law team brings together decades of relevant experience. Whether your concerns center on child custody and visitation, property division and other financial issues or all of these matters, proven East Texas divorce lawyer Linda Hoak will explain your rights and options. She is a well-traveled, decorated military veteran who is not intimidated by conflict or adversity.

Skilled Representation For Local Citizens And Military Personnel Worldwide

Whether you intend to file for divorce or must respond to your spouse's action against you, thorough and effective preparation is critical. Attorney Linda Hoak is adept at helping clients define what matters most and pursue creative solutions to achieve those goals. Our firm's strengths for divorcing men and women include:

  • Dedication to negotiating mutually acceptable parenting arrangements and property settlements as efficiently as possible when couples can find common ground
  • Fearlessness and total preparation to fight for fair outcomes in a Texas court when the parties' goals are incompatible or one spouse will not negotiate reasonably
  • Use of advanced communication technologies that enable us to work effectively with military personnel facing divorce and others living elsewhere who must resolve family law concerns in East Texas

Clear Guidance And Strategic Protection Of What Matters Most To You

At a time when your worries may include preserving close relationships with your children, gauging future child support and spousal support obligations, protecting your share of retirement and pension benefits, and much more, there is no substitute for straightforward, practical legal guidance. We have the skills and resources to protect your rights as a father or mother, manage the complexities of high-asset property division and deal effectively with all other nuances of your civilian or military divorce case.

Our work together can begin with an in-depth consultation — either face to face or via video conference if you are stationed far from East Texas. Call 903-531-9100 or contact us online to set a time that works for you. If you communicate best in Spanish or another language, just let us know.