Divorce is a momentous, life-altering event for anyone. When children are involved, however, the personal and emotional stakes are especially high. This is equally true for unmarried parents who must resolve certain legal concerns. In either situation, mothers and fathers must get past their own differences sufficiently to focus on children's best interests, setting realistic goals while protecting all-important parent-child relationships.

Practical, Informed Guidance For Parents Facing Divorce In East Texas

The specialized terminology used to address child custody and visitation in the Texas Family Code can be confusing. Accomplished family law attorney Linda Hoak is adept at explaining what terms such as "joint conservatorship" and "possession orders" mean in the context of each client's case — and at helping parents make fully educated decisions about their custody objectives. Our Child Custody FAQ addresses some of the most common concerns and misconceptions.

Whenever feasible, our legal team's foremost goal is to pursue divorce, custody and visitation outcomes that support children's close relationships with both parents. We represent fathers and mothers in military service,  as well as many others with unique work and travel demands. We will share our extensive knowledge of the law and experience in the courts with you as you seek:

  • Either joint managing conservatorship (sometimes called joint custody), with one parent allowed the right to determine where the children live — or sole custody if the other parent's influence and ability to care for the children are real, valid concerns
  • A child visitation schedule that is workable and sustainable given the family's unique circumstances, enabling the noncustodial parent to stay involved and active in the children's lives
  • Overall results that support your children's health and well-being to the greatest possible extent

At our firm in Tyler, we know that every decision involving your children is crucial. We help our clients seize opportunities and avoid regrets. Our practice is balanced and wide-ranging, including frequent representation of military service members around the world and people in high-demand occupations ranging from firefighters and oil workers to corporate executives and business owners.

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